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Open Source Community & Education [clear filter]
Friday, August 19

11:00 EDT

Leading and Growing an Open Source Community
This presentation targets an audience of advanced practitioners — learners who are already contributing to an open-source community in a leadership position and want to be able to lead and grow the community more effectively.

These learners may be asking questions like:
- Why do people choose to lead open source projects and communities?
- What's the difference between participating in and leading a project?
- How can I ensure a community grows sustainably?
- How can I spread the word about this project or community?
- What type of a leadership structure does a community require?

This presentation is best for audiences who want to develop a "long-term vision" for their open source community but might not know how to begin. At the conclusion of this experience, participants will be able to:
- Describe key differences between community participation and community leadership
- Recognize challenges that new community leaders can face
- Identify strategies for both increasing and sustaining community participation
- Understand how to measure the success of community involvement and how to communicate that success to others

avatar for Sayak Sarkar

Sayak Sarkar

Senior Engineering Lead, Upwork

Friday August 19, 2022 11:00 - 11:25 EDT
Terrace Lounge

13:00 EDT

Do you want to Measure it to improve it?
Today over 80 percent of the software in any technology product or service is open source. And this trend is growing. According to a recent study, every day the supply of open source across all ecosystems increases by about 1,100 new projects and 10,000 new versions. This raises important questions about which open source projects matter. What code should I bet my product, my company, or my career on? Will those projects grow or shrink? Is the code base stable or changing? Does the project depend on one organization or many? Is the community healthy or hopelessly ill? In opensource communities, it is important to measure the health of the community. Data, like many things in life, can be beautiful. But don’t be fooled.

In this talk, I shall cover what are all the MOST IMPORTANT aspects to look into the health of a Community along with the Data :
- Evolution
- Diversity
- The value so the Community
- Risks Associated

avatar for Renu Chauhan

Renu Chauhan

Project Manager, RED HAT
Project Manager at RED HAT. Working with Red Hat for the last 3.5 years. Believe in Open Culture.Continuous Learner. Collaborator. Speaker.

Friday August 19, 2022 13:00 - 13:25 EDT
Terrace Lounge

13:30 EDT

Open Tech Education: Case Study, Benefits, Outlook
From Playground to Python: A Career Switch Case Study and the Role of Open Source Education in Tech What are the real-world applications of open education? How can we get folks with different backgrounds into the tech world? Is it “worth it” to release training materials for free? Explore these questions and more as I walk you through my path from preschool teacher to software engineer in less than one year - jump-started with entirely free and open code education resources including Codecademy and edX.org. Then we’ll dive into the current state of free tech education including: -The demographics of those enrolled in free coding courses and how they compare to the tech world as a whole -A brief overview of some of the academic literature on the effectiveness of free online courses and massive, open, online courses (MOOCs) in particular -The documented benefits of free tech education resources for both individuals and employers

avatar for Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

Quality Engineer, Red Hat

Friday August 19, 2022 13:30 - 13:55 EDT
Terrace Lounge

14:00 EDT

Scaling the Open Source Climate Community
At the Open Source Climate (OS-Climate) community, we are building an open data science platform that supports data ingestion, processing and quality management for data from both corporate climate reports and investment related data. In order for this global community project to succeed, OS-Climate must implement traditional scalability of compute and data, but that alone is insufficient. The community must also scale the operation of its cluster and software deployments. Furthermore, it must effectively scale its ability to onboard new data workflows from actively contributing members. Last but not least, it must be able to scale its own governance at each of these levels, as they mature.

In this talk, Erik will introduce OS-Climate and tell the story of how this open community has managed its own evolution to continue scaling data, computation, operations, member contributions and governance. The audience will learn about tools from software, data science, platforms, and community architecture that can help their own communities grow.

avatar for Erik Erlandson

Erik Erlandson

Senior Principal SW Engineer, Red Hat
Erik Erlandson is a Software Engineer at Red Hat’s AI Center of Excellence, where he explores emerging technologies for Machine Learning and Data Science workloads on Kubernetes, and assists customers with migrating their Data Science workloads onto the cloud. Erik is a committer... Read More →

Friday August 19, 2022 14:00 - 14:25 EDT
Terrace Lounge

15:30 EDT

Community Data: What to Measure and Why?
In the age of (seemingly) endless amounts of data, we can have databases full of points on a single community, but without taking in the nuances of how open source communities function, we are left with numbers, not insight. With a healthy amount of skepticism, we can dive into the data science workflow on what insights we want to gain versus the past problems of being limited by the data itself. From here, community members can actually make path changes and advocate for themselves at a larger scale in the language of the new age: data analysis.

In this presentation, Cali Dolfi, data scientist at Red Hat, will look at visualizations and metrics from the perspective of the individual community and from the ever-connected open source ecosystem of over 700,000 projects we have identified. From here, we can begin to question what assumptions we make, from the data and community perspective.

From this talk, there will be tactical and strategic takeaways from the data science perspective.

From the tactical view of analyzing open source community data, this talk will provide actionable insights for people within and outside a particular community (or set of communities), that takes in the nuances of Open Source. While there will be specific examples from a conceptual and coding perspective, the goal will be to give you the tools to extend on the unique questions you may have about a given community.

From a strategic data science perspective, this will be a specific use-case examination on the care and nuance that should be considered for any data science analysis performed. It is our responsibility as Data Scientists to be extremely intentional with the analysis we deliver, as many times people will interpret analysis as indisputable fact.

avatar for Cali Dolfi

Cali Dolfi

Data Scientist, Red Hat
Cali Dolfi is a Data Scientist in the Open Source Program Office at Red Hat. Her work focuses on changing the way we look at open source communities through the lens of data science and machine learning. Outside of data science, her passion lies in making careers in technology more... Read More →

Friday August 19, 2022 15:30 - 15:55 EDT
Terrace Lounge
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