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User Experience & Design [clear filter]
Friday, August 19

15:00 EDT

Mics, Camera, Action! - Planning with Personality
Delivering working software is a challenge that all teams face, and for most teams, the biggest challenge begins long before the first line of code is written! How do you know what to work on? How do you know what to deliver? How do you get the right level of engagement from developers and stakeholders alike? What do ‘they’ all want? In fact, who are ‘they’? These are important and often challenging questions that all teams have to answer, and this has become an even bigger challenge in the last 24 months with nearly everyone working from home! The ‘traditional’ approach of running a quarterly planning session involves hours in a meeting room, death by spreadsheets, documents and emails, and really lacks personality. Where is the human element? Where is the shared understanding between developers and customers in this model? We have found the lack of personality has hampered collaboration and innovation, simply by being boring and not being visually appealing, which is how alot of people learn! Within the Community Platform Engineering (CPE) team we took an innovative Open Source UX approach, grounded in Design Thinking where we opened the team, stakeholders and customers' minds to a different, more visual and engaging approach to running quarterly planning - together. In this session, you will learn how Design Thinking works, how we created Movie Posters to represent our future initiatives, how the approach bolstered engagement which ultimately gave the initiatives the best chance of success by drawing insights and involvement from everyone from the very beginning. In fact, our team has had 100% successful delivery of all projects we take on, simply by introducing the 'fun' factor and getting more visual with our planning. Join us in Boston where we will share our new and original take on planning collaboratively through movie posters, and get some ideas on how you can introduce this in your team and give your planning some personality too!

avatar for Aoife Moloney

Aoife Moloney

Product Owner, Community Platform Engineering, Red Hat

Friday August 19, 2022 15:00 - 15:25 EDT
Terrace Lounge
Saturday, August 20

11:30 EDT

“Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”: UX in Science Fiction
UX designs that once were science fiction are now integral parts of our lives. Star Trek communicators became the first flip phones. HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey navigates our cars and runs our kitchens. The Dick Tracy video wristwatch has morphed into Fitbits and smart watches.

As a UX writer, I notice that the UX designs in SciFi miraculously don’t require user guides. Frankly, you don’t see documentation in movies or on TV at all, unless it’s a joke about how difficult the instructions are to understand. That may be because SciFi interfaces are more stagecraft than good design, but I think there’s more to it. For one, the audience needs to understand what’s happening without any training. But also the artists that are designing these new user experiences are imagining the world that they want to live in, and that doesn’t include documentation.

Science Fiction in movies and television is the playground where artists can imagine new UXes that engineers and UX designers can some day make a reality. The best part of all this is that the designs on screen are open for everyone to see and experiment with. This talk is a deep dive into those SciFi UX designs with a focus on what they mean for our own futures and freedoms.

This presentation explores how SciFi has influenced both past and current UX designs.
  • The talk will shows lots of video clips and screenshots, so attendees can see UX designs from both older and recent media. I have gathered many examples and am excited to share them. 
  • The talk teases out which UX designs are a byproduct of filmmaking and which are actually innovative design. 
  • We’ll explore some of the more recent UX design trends in various media and investigate whether similar trends are already appearing in current designs. 
Attendees should leave this session feeling as if their brains have been opened up to new design possibilities.

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Ingrid Towey

Principal Technical Editor, Writing Coach, Red Hat
As a lifelong reader of comic books and science fiction, I am pleased that so much of science fiction has become a reality in my lifetime, but I am still anxiously awaiting my own personal jetpack and flying car. The clock is ticking!I have a Master’s degree in Folklore and 18 years... Read More →

Saturday August 20, 2022 11:30 - 11:55 EDT
Conference Auditorium
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